Why subscribe?

If you like folk tales and myths, secret histories of the struggle with the things that want to come up out of the ground, folk horror, urban legends, short fiction, and keeping up to date with what’s happening with Merlin’s greatgreatgreatgreat-grandson, librarians who have forgotten they once were angels, dry-cleaners who save the world from the creeping darkness, and the dreams of the giants asleep under the hills, you’re probably on some kind of government list.

But you’ll also probably enjoy reading Maps of the Lost.

What will I get?

Apart from a creeping sense of unease and the feeling that every time you look away the shadows take one step closer, you’ll get a newsletter once a month (for now - if you all like it, it may become more often).

Inside it you’ll find some new entries in the Maps of the Lost which haven’t been published elsewhere yet, some finds from the archives over the last few years, links to things of eerie interest, an occasional short story, and audio features.

What should I avoid?

Whistling on St Pantalus’ Day, listening to the man who wants to show you a mermaid, stepping on the cracks, disturbing The Fox King, taking a ride on a swing that never comes down, and getting off at the wrong tube stop and finding yourself on the Other Lines.